Stir the Soul and Satisfy the Palate with Flat Top Hills Wines


New Fourth Generation Mondavi Family Winery Launches in Select Markets

Napa, CA, January 30, 2019 – Combining modern sensibility with deep winemaking tradition, C. Mondavi & Family today introduced Flat Top Hills, a new collection of premium wines designed to elevate everyday occasions with their distinctly bold and full-bodied style.

The newest offering from the G4, the fourth generation of the C. Mondavi family, the wines build on a long history of winemaking excellence. “My sisters, cousins and I wanted to capture the carefree feeling of when we played in the Dunnigan Hills vineyards while our dads were working – dreaming, wandering and getting lost; such fun memories while growing up,” said Angelina Mondavi, part of the G4 and consulting winemaker of Flat Top Hills. “The flat-topped summits there also provided inspiration for the name. We worked closely with winemaker Randy Herron to craft high quality wines that are also approachable, so they’re a natural choice for dinners and gatherings with friends.” 

The Flat Top Hills debut portfolio includes five wines: crisp Sauvignon Blanc (SRP $13.99), supple Rosé, (SRP $13.99), lush Chardonnay (SRP $13.99), mouth-watering Red Blend (SRP $15.99) and rich Cabernet Sauvignon (SRP $15.99). “Each wine highlights the best characters of our vineyards, allowing the true essence of the fruit to shine,” said Randy Herron, head winemaker. “Intense yet smooth, with plenty of fruit and structure, these are quaffable wines made with a keen attention to detail.”

Continuing the contemporary feel, the G4 chose a sleek, stylish package to immediately portray the wine’s modern spirit. Unlike any other label on the shelf, the refined copper-and-cream color palette and peek-a-boo cutouts allow for discovery. Consumers are invited to find their own “Flat Top moments” by celebrating the simple, and special, events in their lives and sharing on Flat Top Hills’ social platforms.

Flat Top Hills wines are available beginning February 1 at select retailers and restaurants in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts and North Carolina, and will expand into additional markets in Fall 2019. For more information, visit

About Flat Top Hills

Flat Top Hills is a premium collection of vineyard-driven wines from the “G4,” or fourth generation of the iconic C. Mondavi family, whose roots in California winemaking date back nearly 100 years. Building on a legacy includes some of the most storied wines and regions of California, Flat Top Hills is family-owned and draws from family-farmed vineyards. Together, G4 consulting winemaker Angelina Mondavi and head winemaker Randy Herron developed the line with an eye to approachability and uncompromising quality. Visit to learn more, and follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @FlatTopWines