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Exclusive New Technology from DELLA TOFFOLA Increases Effectiveness of Maceration Up to 50 Percent


DELLA TOFFOLA, a leader in the design and manufacturing of equipment for the wine and beverage industry for North American and across the world, has developed an exciting new technology that reduces the maceration time of grapes up to 50 percent, while also enhancing the extraction of polyphenols and anthocyanins.

The DELLA TOFFOLA Maceration Accelerator (DTMA), works by reducing the dimensions of the crushed grape skins, thereby increasing the surface area of the film in contact with the must.

The cutting-edge DTMA process speeds up maceration, which then activates the pressing stage and greatly improves the extraction of polyphenols and anthocyanins from the grapes, strengthening the overall sensory characteristics in the wine.

“Within our machine, there’s a centrifugal pump, flow meter and blade system that fragments the skins of the grapes without damaging the seeds,” explains Ken Kosmicki, DELLA TOFFOLA USA Project Manager. “We want to extract the phenolic compounds from the skins, not the seeds, in order to improve pigmentation, flavor and mouth feel. And because maceration time is reduced by up to 50 percent, fermentation tanks can be turned over more quickly.”

The DTMA receives grapes from the destemmer; processes them and the resulting juice and must are transferred directly into tanks. Flow rates during the DTMA process are aligned precisely with the speed of the client’s pump in order to maximize proficiency.

Kosmicki, who reports that the DTMA has been successfully tested in Italy, France and Australia on different grape varieties in a number of wineries, emphasizes that one of the best parts of this new, highly effective DTMA technology is ease of use.

“There are just two parameters,” Kosmicki confirms. “All the operator has to do is enter the flow rates on the touch screen and hit start.”

Benefits and features include:

DTMA Brochure

DELLA TOFFOLA USA, is the American arm of DELLA TOFFOLA GROUP, which has been providing equipment to the wine industry for over 60 years. They provide everything you need to get the wine from grape to bottle including Presses, Pumps, Filters, De-stemmers, Crushers, Conveyors and more. They also deliver top name brands, ZITALIA, AVE Technologies, OMB, and Priamo for any CIP/Pasteurization and Bottling/Packaging needs.

DELLA TOFFOLA is the manufacturer and distributor of the Award Winning Ceramic Membrane Crossflow Filters, which utilizes the strength and consistency of ceramic membranes, to enable the filtration of a wide range of products.

They also offer a variety of other innovative equipment including their Bio-thermo Cooler (BTC) Vinification System, which utilizes flash technology, heating the must of crushed grapes to a set temperature, then sending it to a high vacuum chamber where rapid cooling causes some of the liquid to “flash” into steam. The process breaks open the skin cell walls, allowing immediate color and tannin extraction, while also releasing aromatic compounds.

For more information on these state-of-the-art winemaking technologies, visit dellatoffola.us or stop by their BOOTH #1017 at the Unified Symposium in Sacramento, January 29th thru 31st, 2019 and talk with their representatives.



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