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Wine’s Most Inspiring People 2019


The North American wine industry is fortunate to have many passionate and inspiring luminaries, some that grew up among the vines, and others that brought their drive and ingenuity from other industries, but they all help to advance our industry and grow the pool of wine talent for the future. The Wine Industry Advisor have selected a few of Wine’s Most Inspiring People to recognize for their contribution to the North American wine industry.

These people have been or service to the industry inspired others with their approach to life and business, their hard earned achievements, and their attitude and values. We hope reading about them will inspire future wine stars.

Elaine Chuka Brown: A Wine Communication Artist

Prudy Foxx

Prudy Foxx: The Vine Whisperer

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  1. Congratulations to Elaine as the sole chick (so far) among the men folk. Amazing body of work done so well so fast, and those drawings – have always loved them, they capture the spirit of the wine and the vine. Glorious.

  2. I’m happy to see three women included in this honor this year. It will be great to see increasing gender and racial diversity create parity at the highest levels of influencers and decision makers in our industry.


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