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PARSEC Advances Oenology with Innovative Systems that Optimize Winemaking Process and Allows You to Manage Your Cellar from any Device

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Italian based PARSEC, a leader in oenological technologies and micro-oxygenation, distributed exclusively in North America through ATPGroup, offers patented technologies that deliver centralized and automated control of the winemaking process with a high level of customization.

PARSEC, specializes in the design and manufacture of integrated systems for wine production, has developed an innovative system that gives winemakers complete control over key parameters like oxygen, temperature management, kinetics fermentation, density, maceration, and others.

PARSEC has long been the worldwide leader in the development of Micro-oxygenation and originally their SAEn 5000 was developed, not only to add oxygen at a critical point in the production process of wine within an integrated and automated environment of temperature control but also to understand and manage all the critical parameters of the enological process.

“We know that during the process of fermentation oxygen is critical,” explains Massimiliano Buiani, the Vice President of Enological Processes at ATPGroup. “If you can identify the exact time oxygen is needed, you drastically reduce the chances of that fermentation going wrong.”

The SAEn 5000 platform is the culmination of years of research and advances PARSEC’s expertise well beyond the Micro-oxygenation process, to deliver the most effective tool for the complete automation of your winery. It integrates process parameters control with the automation of vinification operations, making them interact and giving the winemaker a powerful and complete instrument that can be remotely controlled from PC, smartphone or tablet.

“It’s like giving the winemaker a new pair of glasses,” Buiani notes. “The system allows them to see everything that’s actually going on in the tank instead of guessing.”

The PARSEC system offers a variety of modules including temperature controls which create unique fermentation profiles that adjust automatically, unlike standard temperature controls that work on fixed set points. In 1999, PARSEC, was the first in the world to utilize oenological temperature control (which measures juice temperature using an exact number of probes correctly positioned in the tank) to control all winemaking processes. For example in reds, it can sense whether the tank has been mixed properly and act in accordance.

The SAEn 5000 is also offered with an Air Mixing® MI module to deliver automation and control on maceration protocols and enables you to optimize the intensity and frequency of extraction cycles in accordance with fermentation speed and homogenization temperature inside the tank (an important aspect, particularly in the case of big tanks).

The new (2014 patented) Air Mixing® M.I. system features injectors installed in the tank which are designed to ensure efficient movement of the entire pomace, regardless of cap thickness and tank size. The synergic combination of a series of air injectors on the tank side wall, designed and oriented according to its shape and activated in sequence with a modulated jet of air, generates disintegrating waves that sink, break and fully disintegrate the cap, flooding it with liquid. All this occurs with no violent mechanical action.

Winemakers who have chosen PARSEC Air Mixing® MI for their cellars appreciate not only the wine quality results, but also its functionality, safety and cost-effectiveness. It’s energy savings due to better temperature distribution, reduction of maceration time, ease of use and ability to be installed in new or existing tanks, efficient cap disintegration and elimination of labor make it an extremely effective solution.

Air Mixing® MI is completely integrated with the PARSEC SAEn 5000 system but the systems can be purchased together or separately, based on a winemaker’s specific needs and budget, according to Buiani.

“The PARSEC system doesn’t make excellent wine from bad grapes, but it does completely optimize the winemaking process”, Buiani attests.

For more information, visit atpgroup.com or stop by the ATPGroup Booth #J1 at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium in Sacramento, January 29th through 31st, 2019 and talk with PARSEC representatives about their systems.



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