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INNOVINT CEO and Founder Partners with Winemakers on Intuitive Production Management Software to Optimize Winemaking Process


Winemakers, viticulturists, cellar masters and compliance officers can now say goodbye to cumbersome paper tracking and redundant data entry thanks to a revolutionary new software management tool offered by InnoVint, one of the wine industry’s top software development companies operating today.

Founded by UC Davis trained and experienced winemaker Ashley DuBois Leonard, the InnoVint Platform is the first mobile-focused management system that allows for real-time data entry as well as real-time data access anytime, anywhere.

“It’s a cloud-based, mobile-driven management tool that allows you to capture and relay data in real time,” confirms Ashley DuBois Leonard, InnoVint Founder and CEO. “This is a built from scratch, modern platform that solves all the issues I had as a winemaker and general manager struggling to have reliable, current information at my fingertips. It’s an all-inclusive tool from bud break to bottle, developed specifically by and for winemakers to address, track and report every single aspect of the winemaking process.”

The InnoVint platform features single point data entry simultaneously available to team members across multiple locations.

Highlights of the system include:

  • Superior Data and Activity Visualization
  • Calendars, Harvest Planning and Real-Time Notifications
  • Robust Vineyard, Cellar, and Financial Tracking
  • Digital Work Orders and Mobile Data Entry
  • FDA and TTB Compliance
  • Flexible Workflow with Full Team Engagement

The system also offers QR Code Vessel Tracking; Additive Batch Tracking & an Addition Calculator; ETS Laboratories Integration; and an Owner Based Permission System for custom crush clients and alternating proprietors.

“The accounting aspect of this software is of huge interest to our clients,” reports DuBois Leonard. “InnoVint tracks all direct and overhead costs associated with production.” The system will proportionally attribute each of the expenses involved in a bulk wine lot so our customers know exactly how much it much it costs them to produce a bottle of wine.”

Leonard DuBois notes that the InnoVint system is appropriate for all levels of winemaking. Boutique to mid-size wineries can use it to streamline operations, large wineries can employ the software to minimize risk and maximize profits, and custom crush clients are able to track and access all data on their specific wines by bond or by location at any time.

“Customers are very happy with our product and service,” DuBois Leonard points out. “We have an excellent to world class customer loyalty rating, according to the global Net Promoter Score (NPS) standards.

“It comes from building in more intelligence and quality management so that winemakers can better control and focus on the granularity of the production process,” Dubois Leonard explains. “InnoVint supplies a turnkey solution for everyone at the winery that works with or relies on production data.”

For more information and a product demonstration, go to https://www.innovint.us.




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