Imagine a best-case scenario for your winery; all of your machinery is cared for, runs well, gets diagnostics run and repairs before they are needed, and then runs smoothly during harvest. Yes, runs smoothly during harvest. Using proprietary software developed by owner, Dave Peritore, this scenario can be a reality, as offered by Winery Service Connection. A common scenario that Dave would like to move the industry away from looks more like this: Last harvest you limped along with an aging press, crusher/de-stemmer or pump, put it away after harvest and forgot that it wasn’t working well. Now this harvest is upon you, and it doesn’t work at all. All the grapes are coming in and the technician you called says he’ll be out…in three days.

Machinery is expensive, whether new or used. Just like keeping a car in good condition by changing the belts, getting oil changes, checking brake pads, etcetera, your machinery is a long-term investment and should be maintained in the same manner. “We have invented proprietary tools, software, and systems in order to capture preventative maintenance. This has been developed specifically for the wine industry.” says owner Dave Peritore. “It has been ten years of evolution and creation. It’s all custom. Thanks to our WSC customers, we have developed what the industry wants.”

Joseph Phelps’ winery offers authentication, “Winery Service Connection has been vital in how we maintain and operate our winery equipment. The service they provide allows us easy access to pictures of our equipment with suggested repairs. The server website they maintain allows us to easily approve repair tasks with photos showing the part or items that need to be maintained. I feel Winery Service Connection provides a service that is superior to other equipment maintenance companies. They provide detailed reports on all the equipment you enroll in their program, with suggested frequency of lubrication of moving parts on crush equipment. They schedule repair work well in advance so as to have all equipment repairs done before the start of the wine harvest. They have friendly and knowledgeable staff that are available for emergency break downs. Since our enrollment of our crush equipment in the Winery Services Connection program we have seen a significant drop in breakdowns.”

For the 2017 harvest, Winery Service Connection had a performance rate of 98.8% with current clients, with a response rate of under 30 minutes, and under three hours for repair times, as long as no specialty part was needed. “We carry parts with us, and are able to run diagnostics rapidly to see the issues. We get them up and running very quickly.” Peritore is proud of these numbers, and rightly so. “For non-clients calling us for an emergency repair, we have been able to respond in 30-90 minutes. In most calls, I was able to provide full functionality and safety in less than an hour.”


Peritore’s custom diagnostic software program allows continuity clients to avoid almost all emergency calls. During the year, he systematically runs diagnostic checks on any of the machines on the equipment management contract you develop. He then creates and proposes a task list, with percentages of usage (similar to a “how long until failure” timeline). This allows the client to decide if it is time to repair or replace aging or worn parts. 

Local wineries have been finding it a money and time-saving proposition to have well-running equipment. Meeker Winery adds this testimonial,WSC has stepped in where the importer and dealer of our equipment has failed us. Dave’s knowledge of a wide range of manufacturers and equipment provides him resources and experience that has directly prevented us from extended downtime during harvest. When the equipment dealer did not have parts in inventory, or suggested replacing parts that weren’t in need of replacing, Dave was able to steer us to a faster, less expensive, and more accurate solution. In the world of winery equipment, where support after purchase often falls short, Dave’s service plans create consistency, reliability, and the peace of mind that a knowledgeable and time-sensitive solution is a phone call away.”

“The goals of Winery Service Connection are smooth production through reliable equipment,” says Peritore. “We have the unique ability to provide that for the wine industry.” Check out the explanatory video, other referrals and scope of services offered at, or give Dave a call at the WSC Office at 707-849-2526 or email [email protected].