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Most wineries call their customer space the “Tasting Room” for the very good reason that wine tasting does take place there, and it’s usually a room. I was giving some thought the other day to all the things that go on (or should go on) in the tasting room. By incorporating the different things you should be doing in the space, you can improve your abilities to tighten your relationship with visitors, which lead to better relationships and long term sales.

For example, in addition to being a tasting room, consider this area a networking space, a connection location, an education spot, or an engagement hub. Tasting is one thing that happens, but by incorporating connection things right, you are creating the bonds that will encourage visitors to return to become regular customers and many times friends.

By thinking of the place as only the “tasting room,” you could be missing the most important elements that turn first time visitors into long-term customers. Many people who visit your tasting room are going to be more excited if they look back on the experience as a small adventure. It should be a place where they gained awareness, information, and understanding of wine in general and your wine in particular. And, if they leave believing they have made a connection, they are much more likely to return.

In this multi-purpose visitor center, you can create relationships that may last for half an hour, or may last for years. How you feel about the space and how it can best be put to use will determine which way the relationships go and how long they will last.

So make connections with people, find out the things you have in common, and look forward to enjoying the short time you have with each individual guest or group. You may find that your visitors are the most fascinating creatures, if you learn a little about them, allow them to learn a little about you and what you have in common with them. You never know the people you meet in the tasting room may enrich your life too.

A tip of the glass from me to you

Elizabeth SlaterE Column
by Elizabeth “E” Slater, In Short Direct Marketing

A recognized expert in the fields of direct marketing and sales in the wine marketplace. Slater has taught more wineries and winery associations how to create and improve the effectiveness of their direct marketing programs and to make the most of each customer’s potential than anyone in the wine industry today.

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