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Inspired Oenological Staves Deliver Precision and Consistent Results


Building on 20 years of innovation and expertise in the interaction between oak and wine, Vivelys has expanded their oak solutions range with the new Boisé Inspiration staves.

A world leader in technical oenological oak and a pioneer in precision oenology, Boisé is renowned for their quality and ability to innovate. The development and production of the Boisé Inspiration staves follow the same rigorous technical, scientific, and sustainable procedures to create an inspired product.

Wood Selection

All Boisé oak is sourced and carefully selected from a single site in southwest France to ensure the highest quality oak. After systematic sensory and analytical evaluations, each batch is monitored throughout the transformation process to guarantee that the products have consistent characteristics.

In addition to providing the highest quality products, Vivelys is dedicated to controlling and reducing its impact on the environment, which is why they promote sustainable forest management by ensuring the preservation of their biodiversity through PEFC certification.

Scientific Process and Rigor

Based on an ambitious research program that started in 2009 to discover the basic rules governing oak and wine interaction, Vivelys created a production process for all their oak products to guarantee excellent integration of oak compounds into the various key moments of the winemaking process.

Boisé Inspiration stave and oak chips are precisely analyzing and measuring the wood’s organic compounds, and then carefully controlling heating process, time and temperature, to decrease variability, select specific process for each material class, and to create consistent profile.

“It is more complicated to provide consistent quality for a stave product than for oak chips,” explains Francois Margot, Vivelys’ U.S. Manager, “but with a relentless focus on research, innovation, and product development, we’ve created a process that meets Boisé’s high benchmark for quality and consistency in the Boisé Inspiration staves.”

Boisé Inspiration staves along with all other Boisé products are manufactured in their ISO 22000 certified facility in Aire sur Adour, France.

Sensory Impacts and Oenological Expertise

Although Boisé Inspiration staves are carefully analyzed and measured for their organic compounds, the final arbiter is always taste, and each product undergoes sensory evaluation by Vivelys experts to ensure they conform to the desired taste perception.

The two new Boisé Inspiration stave products were created with two distinct profiles that reflect the demands for maturity and fruit balance on the palate seen in the U.S. market.

Boisé Inspiration Range #07.5 enhances toasted and smoked notes while increasing aromatic freshness, intensity, and persistence. It also adds to roundness and sweetness in the mouth. While Boisé Inspiration Range #07.1 enhances vanilla notes, aromatic intensity and persistence, as well as roundness and sweetness in the mouth.

To help winemakers leverage the full potential of these oak profiles and achieve optimal oak wine integration for their target wine profiles, Vivelys has a strong U.S. based consultant team that provides technical field support.

“Our customers want more control over the consistency and profile of their brands,” said Francois Margot, Vivelys’ U.S. Manager, “and that is exactly what the Boisé Inspiration staves and our expert consultancy team delivers for them.”

In addition to Boisé Inspiration staves, Boise also provides a full range of oak chips, each with a unique set of organic characteristics; both are distributed by G3 Enterprises in the United States. For more information, contact G3 Enterprises, call 1800.321.8747, or email [email protected].


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