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Global Leader in Analysis Offers Full Range of Wine Analyzers and Reagents for 2017 Harvest


Randox Food Diagnostics, a global leader in the wine analysis market, announces a comprehensive array of analyzer equipment and chemical reagents available for the 2017 harvest and beyond.

Begun as a healthcare diagnostics company in Northern Ireland more than 35 years ago, Randox has continuously reinvested in new product developments and has emerged as a global leader for innovative technology services specialized for the wine industry.

“We now have a full range of analyzers and reagents that are of the highest quality and trusted by wineries across the world,” confirms Gary Smith, Randox Food Diagnostics Marketing Manager.

Randox has developed three wine analyzers available to the market.

RX misano

The RX misano analyzer offers a comprehensive menu, including 17 tests covering acids, sugars and NOPA testing, among others. No previous laboratory experience is necessary for the user. A key feature of the RX misano is the speed of results; the processes take between 8 – 15 minutes to produce verifiable, trustworthy reports using pre-stored test parameters.

RX monaco

The RX monaco, like the RX misano offers a wide test menu; however, it is capable of a higher throughput of 170 tests per hour. This makes it the ideal automated analyzer for larger wineries who run frequent, routine tests. The RX monaco is also easy to use and comes with exceptional technical support and training to ensure maximum efficiency.

RX modena

The RX modena is a fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer. Like the RX misano and RX monaco it offers an unparalleled ease of use, employing windows based software on an interactive touch screen. The RX modena also offers flexibility with 13 wavelengths and a high throughput with 1,200 tests per hour.

Smith reports that Randox has a complete array of reagents available to complement the ability of the analyzers and facilitate ease of use for the entire winemaking team.

“Our reagent range has been created to offer users the full profile of tests on one analyzer,” Smith attests. “For the wine industry, we aim to have all the tests they would need on one system, wherever possible, with minimal manual preparation. Our reagents offer the user accuracy and quality so they can trust the results they get each time.”

Smith says the ease of use and versatility of the Randox analyzers and reagents are unrivaled in the wine analysis marketplace.

“Our analyzers are designed to walk users through the process by using on screen prompts and stopping the user from proceeding if something isn’t set up correctly,” confirms Smith. “Our reagents are validated across a wide range of analyzers currently being used by the industry today and our analyzers have validated methods for reagents from various suppliers.”

“We have put our customers first and made sure they have access to our products and others that they enjoy using by ensuring the versatility of the Randox line.”

Randox is currently offering customers a five percent discount on all analyzers and reagents. Orders placed now will be installed in time for the 2017 harvest season.

For more information go to: www.randoxfood.com.




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