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Spectrophotometer Technology Readies Wine Industry for 2017 Harvest


Randox Food Diagnostics, a leading provider of clinical diagnostic services developed for the wine industry, has created a unique product to simplify the wine analysis process for winemakers looking ahead to the 2017 harvest and beyond.

The RX misano works by utilizing Spectrophotometer technology, which measures the absorption of light in a solution in order to determine the concentration of a compound.

This semi-automated analyzer is credited with providing winemakers and lab technicians with increased versatility, flexibility, and reliable results in a matter of minutes through what’s known as an open-channel system.

“Each test is pre-uploaded into the machine so winemakers simply have to mix their reagents, select their test, and press run,” explains Krista Kelly, Randox Diagnostic’s Key U.S. Account Manager. “New tests can be added via a USB import through the RX misano’s open channels, which means that users can load tests onto the machine outside those which we have pre-programmed. This allows winemakers maximum benefit from the flexibility of the analyzer.”

Kelly notes that the RX misano features an extended range of wavelengths, between 340 nm and 700 nm. There’s also the option of an additional wavelength of 280 nm to increase wine analysis capacity.

“The wavelengths are set up to cover the most sought after tests in the industry including acetic acid, malic acid, glucose/fructose and NOPA,” Kelly confirms. “With the RX misano we added the additional 280nm to include the option of testing wine color after receiving feedback from our customers.”

Kelly asserts that the RX misano was developed with the end user in mind.

“We simplified the process with modern technology such as the seven inch touch screen,” Kelly points out. “While running through a test, the RX misano provides on-screen prompts to walk a user through each step. It also stops you from moving to the next step if there is an issue, saving time on incorrect results.”

The Randox Food Diagnostics team offers complete technical support to all its customers, pledging to respond to all calls within 24 hours to resolve questions and minimize downtime.

In addition, winemakers may take advantage of a three-day trial period with the RX misano to ensure that the machine is compatible with their lab set up and day-to-day operations.

For more information and orders go to www.randoxfood.com, email at [email protected] or call Krista Kelly directly at (760) 805-8574.




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