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A Precision Winemaking Tool to Perfectly Calibrate Your Wine


Informed by extensive research and decades of wood and wine interaction expertise, Boisé® has developed a line of high-quality oak chips for winemaking that gives the winemaker a set of delicate controls to develop the wine’s structure and flavor profile.

“Each of our 11 different oak chips has very specific organoleptic characteristics that allow the winemaker to directly impact the aromatic profile and balance on the palate,” explains Jaufré Bordes, Boisé Oenologist, “and the winemaker can combine any of the chips to create the exact blend desired.”

Boisé’s approach to oak is unique among cooperages and oak alternative suppliers. It is thoroughly scientific, based on rigorous compound analysis of all the oak that is processed at their facility in Aire-sur-l’Adour, South East France, where it’s toasted to precision, so that they can market consistent French oak chips with precise and reliable wine profiles for every vintage.

The oak chips are complimentary with near endless possible combinations, and while Boisé offers certain popular blends pre-packaged, the real power lies with the winemaker’s ability to test the impact of all the Boisé chips and design the blend proportions to match the specific wine’s profile.

“Our easy to use test kits allows the winemaker to create his own unique recipe,” says Bordes, “and one of Boisé’s experts will help refine and test the formula.”

The test kit comes with eleven bag-in-boxes and 10 oak chips in the Boise product range, as well as one control. Fill each bag-in-box with 3L wine and leave for two months. After two months, wines are ready to blend to create a winemaker’s very own recipe.

When the desired blend is achieved, a Boisé consultant helps translate the recipe into the right proportion and combination of oak chips for the end wine.

The Boisé® brand is a pioneer in precision winemaking and shares the same vision in winemaking as its parent company, Vivelys: the art of integrating innovation at the heart of the production line in order to enhance and customize the heritage of wine.

To fine-tune the structure and flavor of your wine or learn more about a unique range of Boisé premium oak chips, call Boisé today at (707) 546-2213.

G3 Enterprises is a distributor of Boisé® oak chips in the United States. To order, please call 1 (800) 321-8747 or email G3.Info@G3enterprises.com.


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