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Five New and Interesting Products from the Unified Trade Show


Even if you went to Unified and spent two days on its massive trade show floor with seven hundred plus exhibitors spread out over two floors and several halls, you probably didn’t have a chance to visit every exhibit, and you may have missed some of these interesting finds.

New Sustainable Cork Closure: Origine by Diam

Diam Bouchage presented its newest innovation, the Origine, a solution for wineries striving to become more environmentally sustainable. The high-tech cork uses the same original Diamant process as the classic Diam range to remove TCA from the cork and offers the same guarantee, but is built with natural and renewal components. In addition to cork, it consists of an organic polyol binding agent and beeswax.

After several years of research and development followed up by independent laboratory tests, the Origine is scheduled to be announced in France in February, but it’s ready for production and the first order was placed during Unified. Origine is initially available in the Diam 10 and Diam 30 range, but will soon be extended.

Vinfoil Mixer Demonstration by PolarClad

The Australian Vinfoil Mixer has been on the American market for a few years, but PolarClad recently had a trade show demo-model constructed that showcases the efficiency of the mixing technology compared to the pump method (see video above).

The design of the impeller blades maximizes flow and minimizes turbulence while ensuring a uniform distribution of solids. The Vinfoil Mixer can achieve cold stabilization three times faster than the pump method with an average energy savings of 80%. The video shows not only that the Vinfoil (on the left) more quickly creates an even distribution of the purple color, but also that it doesn’t have the dead zones of the pump operated tank.

Free Flow Wines Opening Canning Line

Already an established leader in alternative wine packaging for on-premise with wine on tap, Free Flow Wines is opening a canning line this spring to service their clients who want to move into this growing retail market segment. Lower minimum runs than current canning facilities will allow smaller producers to test out the market for their products.

Jordan Kivelstadt explains that canned wine fits with their mission as an alternative packaging company with a focus on sustainability. The high recycle rate and low weight of aluminum cans compared to glass bottles represents a significant energy and waste savings in addition to the packaging convenience for the consumer.

Tamper Detection Capsules from Amcor Flexibles

Amcor has partnered with Selinko to develop the InTact capsule, which contains an NFC chip that is capable of transmitting data about whether a bottle has been previously opened and resealed, as well as a brand message that the end consumer can engage with.

The InTact capsule is primarily billed as an anti-counterfeiting measure that high-end producers can use to protect their brands and products.

Foil Imitating Ink from G3 Enterprises

Over the last few years G3 Enterprises have been extending and perfecting their advanced G Ink products. In previous years they developed radically new label design opportunities with thermochromic, photochromic and bichromic capabilities, but this year they focused on an industry classic, the foil look.

Foil looks great on the label, but it’s expensive, requires an extra process in printing, and produces a lot of waste. G Ink Reflection is indistinguishable from foil on the finished label, which can be printed on uncoated paper. It eliminates foil waste and can reduce the label cost by up to 10%, but it also opens up new possibilities by allowing multiple hues of foil in the same label design.

By Kim Badenfort

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