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Electrocoup F3015 the Most Powerful, Effective Pruning Tool on the Market


Electrocoup F3015 Standard 00

Infaco’s redesigned F3015 pruning shear just hit the US this fall and is the most powerful, effective pruning tool on the market, with two tons of torque.

It also features a safety system for the non-pruning hand, consisting of a light cotton glove with metal mesh fibers that are lightly conductive, so that if the blade comes in contact with the glove, the electrical cycle is immediately interrupted and the blade stops, without fail.

The shear is the only one on the market to offer interchangeable heads that deliver from 1.6 to 2.2 inches of cutting capacity so that one shear can knock out cane pruning and Eutypa surgery. The power tool itself weighs only 1.9 lbs, easily making it the lightest, safest, most powerful and versatile vineyard shearing system available.

“The F3015 keeps all of the best features of the previous model, but adds some really remarkable innovations,” reports Operations Manager, Van Hoorn.

Electrocoup F3015 3 kits

Van Hoorn notes that one of the dramatic improvements of the new Electrocoup F3015 model is a lightweight lithium battery that weighs less than two pounds and can be worn on the belt of a vineyard worker.

“The battery on the former model weighed a little under six pounds, and was carried on the backs of the workers, which could get hot if you are pruning in California or Texas,” explains Van Hoorn.

The lithium battery, about the size of a thick smart phone, has one-third of the weight, and comes with both a belt and vest option, made of lightweight, breathable material for maximum comfort.

In addition, the new lithium battery takes only 1.5 hours to charge, and is equipped with a special mode that charges the battery to exactly the right level so no one has to manage re-charging the battery during the off season.

Electrocoup F3015 Standard 30

Finally, the F3015 shear has a brushless motor, which allows the shear to be more ergonomic, makes it lighter, and with fewer moving parts it also makes it less likely to break down, even under the most demanding circumstances.

Van Hoorn says the lightness, efficiency and versatility of the new F3015 means that laborers can work under improved conditions, enabling vineyards to extend the number of years their best pruners can continue to produce quality results without risk of shoulder or wrist injuries. She also notes that it could facilitate the entry of more women into pruning practices, a factor that could help address long-term labor shortage issues for the agriculture industry.

“Women are working in every other part of viticulture except pruning,” Van Hoorn points out. “This tool enables them to do that. Viticulturists could double their labor pool just by encouraging the participation of women through partial mechanization like this.”

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