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Maverick: Raising the Bar on Capsule Production for the Beverage Industry Since 1992


PVC 920
In 1992, Maverick Enterprises, Inc. was founded with the goal to domestically produce capsules for the wine industry in the United States with nothing, but the best quality on the market.

Proposition 65, the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, had banned the use of lead in all capsule products, so the wine industry was looking to international sources to fulfill their beverage closure needs.

When Maverick came into the market and began its domestic production with just one forming machine they manufactured over 20 million state of-the-art, non-lead capsules in their first year.

Enticing the domestic market to look at their business models and change to a domestic supplier for faster turnaround times and higher quality, Maverick became the supplier of choice.

Almost Tin Premium 600
Almost Tin Premium

That was just the beginning.

“Now we produce over 3.5 million capsules per day,” Shelby White, Maverick Enterprises, Inc.’s Marketing Coordinator proudly proclaims.

“We’re a fully vertically integrated facility,” she explains. “We do everything ourselves; printing, slitting, converting and shipping – and all at our Ukiah location in northern California.”

Maverick produces capsules in five, primary substrates that allow for maximum flexibility and creativity to meet its customers’ diverse needs. They include:

  • Polylaminate – comprised of a three-layer aluminum-polyethylene skirt and an aluminum top disc. They provide a professional and cost effective packaging solution.
  • Almost Tin Premium™ – comprised of a more premium three-layer material that is a great recyclable and less costly alternative to tin capsules. This substrate bridges the gap between polylaminate and tin capsules for a fraction of the cost allowing for maximum malleability in a poly capsule.
  • PVC/PET (G) – comprised of a PVC skirt and an aluminum top disc. The option of a bio-based, eco-friendly and compostable PVC alternative in PET(g) material can be provided as well by Maverick.
  • CapASleeve™ – an alternative PVC capsule without a top disk to display any possible custom T-closure. Artwork can be printed on the skirts for a custom CapASleeve™ or stock options are also available.
  • Champagne – comprised of a three-layer, polylaminate body and an aluminum top disc to provide a clean and premium finish to champagne packaging. A mirage of hot stamping and printing options allow for one of a kind customization.
Maverick's 4 Color Process 600
Maverick’s 4 Color Process

“Our talented Design Team works with existing brand designs or can help create completely new artwork to give our customers an exciting new package design,” White affirms. “We’re always looking for new and innovative ways of providing packaging to our customers to help them succeed; coupled with high-level attention to detail, our customer service and quality products make the difference.”

In addition to custom capsule options, White points out that Maverick has a stock capsule program, which allows customers to purchase smaller quantities for special reserve brands or varietals that may require just one-color, more simple designs. This allows Maverick to help customers big and small to meet their diverse packaging needs.



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