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Quality Assurance Is #1 Priority at TricorBraun Winepak


QA-inspection-tools-white-600Since 1982, TricorBraun Winepak has been the top supplier of high quality glass to wine industry customers throughout North America, an area encompassing the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

The company’s market dominance and sterling reputation stem from an ironclad commitment to quality assurance and tight, systematic quality controls.

“At TricorBraun Winepak we have the ability to work with domestic glass suppliers as well as glass manufacturers globally, so we have lots of options,” notes Gregory Creamer, TricorBraun Winepak’s Director of Quality Assurance (QA).

Mr. Creamer explains that one of the quality control steps taken by TricorBraun WinePak is implementing the Military Standard 105E pre-inspection process for all glass entering all of its facilities.

Random samples of glass are examined by production date and carefully checked for Heavy Metals, Sink/Bulge, Out of Round and all critical, major or minor defects at least three times; first, by the manufacturer, then by TricorBraun Winepak’s quality control teams and again at the warehouse site.

All inspections must result in the product meeting or exceeding standards set by the Toxic Packaging Clearinghouse (TPCH) as well as CA Prop 65. All of TricorBraun WinePak’s glass manufacturers are testing for heavy metals based on both the TPCH standards and CA Prop 65. TricorBraun WinePak conducts tests at their facility as well as sending random samples for SGS testing to verify there are no heavy metals in the bottles.

“It’s important to our customers not to have down time,” Creamer insists. “They can’t be worried about glass defects or heavy metals, labels that wrinkle or bottles that break when you remove the cork.”

“Our objective is to minimize glass quality issues for our customers and all of the sampling we do in Fairfield is designed to do that,” he adds confidently.

Creamer credits his company’s success to its dedication to the industry and a culture of excellence. TricorBraun WinePak recognizes that Creamer’s extensive background in engineering and glass manufacturing and production is a clear asset to their customers.

“When I have a customer with a problem, it doesn’t mean they can’t bottle their wine,” he attests. “I have the ability to go in and offer recommendations for adjustments to the equipment and assist the team in achieving acceptable limits. I’m going to bring tools with me to keep you up and running today.”

TricorBraun Winepak is a division of TricorBraun, a worldwide leader in the rigid packaging industry, with annual sales approaching $1 billion. TricorBraun operates from 40 different locations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Asia, and Europe. For more information about TricorBraun Winepak, go to www.tricorbraunwinepak.com or 1-800-DRINKWINE



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