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Oak Infusion Spiral Offers Free Samples and Introduces Big Roast Blend


OakInfusion_Logo_ColorIntroducing the new Oak Infusion Spiral Big Roast Blend, a multi-toast American oak through-bung oak alternative that delivers big, dark-toasted oak to robust red wines. Each barrel pack includes up to three oak spirals that are charred on the surface over a medium toast core. Complements wines with a meaty, smokey, black fruit character. This is the first time the Big Roast Blend will be displayed at Unified. In addition, attendees will be able to take a free sample home of an American Oak Medium Toast Oak Spiral for wine trial inside a standard carboy. In just six weeks, your wine will have 100% new oak impact.

Oak Infusion Spiral by The Barrel Mill
UWGS Booth: 403

Introduced in 2004, the Oak Infusion Spiral has set a new standard in oak alternatives. By cutting a spiral form out of premium oak stave wood, maximum surface area is created inside a small envelope. This results in a smarter, faster, more efficient way to give new, barrel-quality oak to wine, beer, spirit and cider – all at a reduced cost and time frame. We applied the precision and consistency of convection oven toasting and created a product that delivers, arguably, the most barrel-like results of any oak adjunct on the market. The key is the spiral’s dual grain exposure of oak cross grain and parallel grain. It speeds submersion and extraction of flavor and aroma compounds into liquid. In a matter of weeks, you get refined, integrated new oak impact for your beverage. www.infusionspiral.com

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