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STARS Mobile Service From OENODIA, Truly Sustainable Tartrate Stabilization and pH Adjustment


OenodiaOENODIA has perfected a membrane-based process for Tartrate Stabilization and pH Adjustment eliminating waste, wine loss or additives, that can be delivered to wineries via mobile service.

STARS (Selective Tartrate Removal System) uses membrane-based technology to safely and effectively remove wine Tartrates, while significantly reducing water consumption and saving up to 96% in energy costs.

“We have seen a sharp increase in demand from wineries for our technology,” notes Domingo Rodriguez, OENODIA’s North American Wine Business Manger. “Wineries are looking at expanding production while reducing wastewater, water and energy consumption, and overall costs, all of which are major drivers for the California wine industry. The technology we have addresses all of those problems. Most importantly, maintaining and/or improving wine quality is key to the acceptance of our STARS technology”

Rodriguez explains that the traditional method of Tartrate removal is done through cold stabilization, which uses old and inefficient refrigeration technology to chill tanks down to 28 degrees Fahrenheit for extended periods of time. Refrigeration technology uses evaporative chillers to cool down the tanks, and millions of gallons of water are wasted during the process. In essence, the California wine industry wastes up to 3.5 Million gallons of wine, 80 to 125 Million gallons of water and 330 Million kWh of energy every year by using outdated refrigeration technology.

“When you use our Electrodialysis based technology, wine flows across membranes using a small electrical charge to facilitate the transfer of positive and negative ions,” Rodriguez describes. “Tartrate precursors, such as Potassium, Bitartrates and Calcium are carried out through a water circuit to prevent the formation of Tartrate crystals without affecting the sensory quality of the wine and reducing water consumption to below 1 percent.”

mobile_service1Rodriguez notes that companies using the STARS systems qualify for a significant PG&E utility rebate and that STARS technology received a “Flex Your Power” award for innovation in energy savings from the California Energy Commission.

OENODIA, one of the world’s leading specialists in membrane-based treatments for the agri-food industry, has recently announced the opening of a Napa branch to support their growing presence in the North American wine industry.

The expansion includes the addition of Cliff Burmester, the company’s STARS Mobile Service Coordinator. STARS Mobile Service brings OENODIA’s sustainable processes for tartrate stabilization and pH adjustment directly to wineries without the expense of installing a permanent unit on site.

Burmester, who has an engineering background with 15 years experience in the wine industry, is excited about the launch of a new and expanded capacity STARS Mobile Service system.

“Up to this point our mobile service could operate at 800 gallons per hour,” Burmester says, “but in April, 2016 we’ll be able to operate at 1600 gallons per hour.”

OENODIA will be in attendance at both the North Coast Wine Industry EXPO (BOOTH # 602) on December 3RD in Santa Rosa and UNIFIED Wine & Grape Symposium (BOOTHS # 1102 & 2002) on January 27 – 28th in Sacramento. Come along and find out more about our water-saving, zero waste sustainable solutions.

For more information about the STAR Mobile Service system from OENODIA, contact Domingo Rodriguez, at [email protected], Tel: 707.486.4651 and for STARS Mobile Service, Cliff Burmester, [email protected]

Location: Napa, CA
Web: www.oenodia.com



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