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Westec’s Dimple Jacket Technology Vanguard of the Wine Industry

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6 foot dimple tank“No other company can manufacture a tank like this; the design allows for huge efficiency gains for our customers” says Jim Belli Westec Tank & Equipment Co.’s General Manager.

Westec’s custom built welding machine handles six foot wide sections of dimple jackets, which means that they can fully cover a six foot tall tank in a single piece, while their competitors can only offer four foot dimple sections.

“The one-piece design for six foot and shorter tanks not only looks great, it has several advantages,” says Belli, “the larger area above the door and fitting window allows for improved glycol flow and temperature control efficiency, and it cleans up much easier without any horizontal welding seams.”

Normally tanks taller than 4 feet present wineries with the dilemma of covering the top or the bottom of the tank, or investing in multiple dimple jackets, which means additional glycol inlets and outlets, and increased plumbing and maintenance costs.

“The advantages scale for big tanks too,” Belli explains, “if you have a 20 foot tall tank, we can cover it completely in four 5 foot wrappers opposed to the five 4 foot wrappers of other companies. It allows us to do a lot more with our configuration than anyone else can. Imagine the cost savings on plumbing alone connecting two less connections per tank with our configurations.”

Well known for its innovation in tank farm layout and design that optimize space and efficiency, Westec works with winemakers, architects and engineers, specializing in layout coordination, tank and equipment placement, as well as catwalk design.

“We’ve been at maximum capacity, and then some, since 2009,” says Belli. “We have a lot of talent here, and we use it to stay one step ahead of everyone else in the industry.”

Westec recently delivered a set of 59” closed top tanks with the new one-piece dimple jackets to Kelly Fleming Wines.

“Westec has custom-designed and built all of our tanks, catwalks and transfer lines for our specific needs. We value their craftsmanship, creativity, and expertise and highly recommend them as makers of premium wine tanks.” says Rebecca George, Winemaker at Kelly Fleming Wines

To learn more about the Westec’s dimple tank technology, visit them at the North Coast Wine Industry Expo or contact Jim Belli directly.

westec_logoEmail: Jim Belli, General Manager
Phone: 707-431-9342
Web: www.westectank.com
1402 Grove St. Healdsburg, CA, 95448


59in Dimple Jacket 920

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