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BSG Wine Division: Foremost Supplier of Select, High-Quality Ingredients to U.S. Wine Industry



Doug Manning and Ryu Yamamoto don’t mince words when it comes to describing how their company stacks up against rivals in the wine business.

“We work hard and outclass the competition,” Yamamoto attests confidently.

“Both of us can speak to all aspects of production, from pre-harvest decisions to post bottling,” expands Manning. “Between the two of us, we can tell our customers how to do just about anything, step by step.”

Manning and Yamamoto have excellent reason to be self-assured. The two oversee all aspects of sales for BSG’s Wine Division; Manning as overall Sales Manager and Yamamoto as Manager of Technical Sales. Their combined experience – Manning with 40+ years in the industry and Yamamoto’s 25+ geographically diverse harvests including New Zealand, Australia, Spain, France and Russia – offers a depth and breadth of know-how which distinguishes them from their competitors.

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BSG, headquartered in Shakopee MN since 2004 and formerly known as Brewers Supply Group, has diversified and rebranded under four distinct divisions: Craft Brewing, HandCraft, Wine and Distilling. The company provides premium products at competitive prices to craft brewers, winemakers, home fermentation retailers and distillers throughout the West, Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountains, Midwest and Eastern parts of the United States and has recently expanded into Canada.

BSG’s Wine Division, located in the Napa Valley, is coordinated by Office Manager Sadhana Brent, who did the pioneer work to start the division in 2007. Brent has an extensive background in health science, microbiology and wine production and also works with the marketing team on website development and print production.

The division’s technical support partners include Lisa Van de Water of Vinotec Napa and the designer of BSG’s complex nutrient blends and Bernard Pradel, owner of Toasted Oak Company and consultant on “all things wood” for BSG.

According to the team, the quality of products, range of services, depth of expertise and focus on customer relations are what gives BSG its superior position in the marketplace.

Citing BSG’s Wine industry staple; Superfood® as an example, Yamamoto notes, “We are the only winemaking nutrient distributor that is also the manufacturer. We rigorously control the quality of all ingredients that go into a blend and the blending process itself as well as the packaging.”

“I’ve been in the business for forty years and I’m fortunate to have worked with some of the best people in the industry,” Manning states. “If I don’t have the answer to a question, I’ll get the supplier on the phone and ask them. They’ll address the issue in real time. That means now – not in a week from now.”

“There’s a personal relationship between BSG and the customer,” agrees Yamamoto. “Our business thrives on the attention we pay to the individual because at the end of the day, it all depends on what the customer wants.”

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