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Stelvin® Inside Offers Superior Performance & Winemaking Range


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People have been intrigued by aluminum closures ever since they first appeared in the 1960’s as a convenient, easy to open and reclose alternative to cork. More than fifty years later, today’s Stelvin® caps are revolutionizing the beverage closures industry through a technology that is giving winemakers an array of choices unimaginable just a few decades before.

“The Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, South Africa and Australia have been the biggest game changers for screw caps,” attests Eric Graham, who oversees Technical Field Service and Quality for Amcor Flexibles, the manufacturer of Stelvin® closures. “Screw caps are increasingly viewed for what they are; great closures for wine that can control OTR (oxygen transmission rates) with no risk of TCA exposure.”

In 2013, Amcor Flexibles introduced Stelvin® Inside, an innovative range that focuses on the pivotal role of the liner in terms of the control of oxygen transfer and reducing the environmental impacts of its packaging.

Stelvin® Inside offers winemakers four liners with four different levels of breathability: 1O2, 3O2, 5O2 and 7O2. Stelvin® Inside, exclusively for Stelvin® closures is the only complete closure package that provides high, medium and low barrier permeability, increasing the winemaker’s choice.

Amcor OTR full range

In addition, the liners are devoid of PVDC*, which makes them chlorine free. Amcor is permanently looking for ways to improve their products environmentally, so the new liners have been developed using alternative non-chlorine technologies.

“It was really the winemakers who started this innovation,” notes Jenna Riggan, Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Amcor Flexibles. “With the continued success of  Stelvin® closures, they were eager to have more liner options than the 2 already existing on the market. Amcor now offers a full range that covers all OTR levels of various closures on the market.”

*Some companies and countries (Germany) have concerns about chlorine in plastics (PVC & PVdC) as it is more difficult to recycle than other materials such as PET and may contaminate the recycling stream.

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For more information on Amcor and Stelvin® Inside, go to www.amcor.com/stelvin

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