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Innovative Filtration System Maximizes Juice Recovery to more than 90% DELLA TOFFOLA’s high-solids, cross-flow filter system with ceramic membranes – known as OMNIA – is making big waves throughout the U.S. wine industry – and for good reason.

The OMNIA series provide an exceptional juice recovery rate from lees with final concentrations of more than 90 percent. The filters not only separate wine from wine lees, but also provide clean juice from floated solids and extract quality juice from cold, settled juice lees.

According to Giacomo Della Toffola, grandson of the company’s founding father and Production Supervisor of Research & Development, the system provides a superior technology with unparalleled longevity.

Della-Toffola_OMNIA“Ceramics are capable of a longer life; they never die,” Della Toffola asserts. “It’s like buying a diamond. They last forever.”

Della Toffola points out that one of the many benefits of the OMNIA is the system’s ability to extract clean, high quality product from material other filters leave behind.

“With many other systems, like drum filters or DE (diatomaceous earth) there are leftovers from the wine in the material. There’s still a lot of wine there, and that’s a loss of money. We’ve found a real solution. We can end up with 95% of the solids coming out, depending on the nature of the solids.“

Della Toffola is also the manufacturer of a biothermal cooler system (BTC) that utilizes Thermoflash technology to remove microbes from grapes by neutralizing bacteria. The system works by rapidly heating must and then cooling it instantaneously in a vacuum chamber. It can be extremely beneficial for color extraction and flavor enhancement, especially for grapes set back by recent rains.

The Della Toffola legacy dates back to the 1960’s in Italy, when the family began designing and manufacturing winemaking equipment. Today, with more than 50 years of experience, the company operates eight manufacturing plants with eight different brand offices throughout the world, including the U.S., France, Chile, Argentina, Spain, Australia, Brazil and Mexico. Della Toffola USA was established in 2009. With offices located in Windsor, CA, the company prides itself on its manufacturing and technical expertise, serving wineries of all sizes.

“We work with 2 or 3 thousand case facilities as well as those who produce up to a million,” Giacomo states. “We’re proud of our range. Even though we’re one of the largest winery equipment providers in the world, we started small. That’s where we made our name. We owe that to people, to smaller wineries, to stay true.”

Giacomo says the first OMNIA landed in the U.S. about a month ago. He and his team are currently in Texas, where the 2014 harvest started several weeks ago, offering full technical support to those eager to learn how to use the new system, which is now available for trials and for sale.

“One of the main reasons I’m here right now (from Italy) is to share information about OMNIA,” Giacomo says. “I’m here for the vinification and to share knowledge.”

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