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G3 Innovation – Solutions for the Wine Industry

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G3 EnterprisesLocation: Modesto, CA
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It begins with a need; a challenge faced by the wine industry. How do we improve our wine’s shelf life, how do we make our product stand out on the shelf, how do we become more sustainable?

The strategy at G3 is to provide innovative cost-effective solutions ensuring the customer’s product success and improving their sales. G3 continues looking for creative solutions that perform as well or better than the industry standard. One such solution is GTREE® Paper; a 100% post-consumer waste label stock that performs well in the printing process and on bottling lines. To increase the consumer’s satisfaction even further, GTREE labels are proven to not grey and wrinkle in an ice bucket.

G3 understands that different wines have different ageing needs in the bottle. Light fruity white wines typically age best when very little oxygen is allowed into the package while very heavy red wines might need relatively high oxygen exposures. Due to the increasing popularity of a new lightly carbonated wine category, G3 has developed patent-pending cap liner technologies that control or minimize the oxygen transmission rate while retaining the wine’s carbon dioxide. Just recently introduced are G3’s GFresh® screw cap liners that hold carbonation while providing an oxygen transmission rate comparable to a SaranexTM cut-disk liner. In addition, to meet the cold, wet application required for bottling carbonated wines, GFresh PS labels are designed to work efficiently on surfaces with condensation.


G Ink™ is the latest innovation from G3 and is designed to revolutionize shelf impact. The G Ink features both Bichromic and Thermochromic capabilities, which means that it can change appearance depending on viewing angle or package temperature. This gives the bottle’s added dimension and engages the consumer.

“It’s been shown that if a consumer picks up a bottle off of the shelf, there’s a good chance they’ll buy it,” says John Cunningham, Director of Innovation and Process Improvement, “so, of course, we’re looking for ways to make our customer’s wine stand out in the store and at the cold box, increasing the likelihood it will be purchased.”

G Ink, just introduced at Unified Wine & Grape Symposium this year, opens a world of options for creative label and cap designs that catch the eye, engages the consumer, and even provides useful information such as when the bottle reaches ideal drinking temperatures. Since G3 produces both labels and caps, the G Ink creative options extend to the capsule printing too.

Cunningham continues, “The thermochormic and bichromic demo bottles at the Unified show are only a preview to the G Ink technologies. We welcome an opportunity to work closely with designers and wineries to develop unique and fully integrated bottle designs. The wineries know best what work with their brands. We are here to partner with them in providing unique creative techniques and making their products standout.”

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For orders and information call 800-321-8747 or email [email protected]

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GTREE Wet Label
GTree Ice Bucket Demonstration
Rainy Day Label
The Rainy Day thermochomic design chilled vs. room temperature
G ink caps
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