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Allied Tube & Conduit’s steel tubing is well-known in the agricultural industry for its triple layer protection and durability. Our engineers looked into the problems that vineyards were experiencing and solved several. Now, Allied is bringing their Improved Vine Training System* to the vineyard industry and the response has been great!

The Issue:
The majority of vineyards are trellised with either wood, t-posts, or roll formed steel sections. Approximately 10% of bent, broken or decayed stakes are replaced each year due to tough soil conditions, wind, and chemical corrosion. In some states, growers must endure costs for the removal of treated wood. Not only that, they spend money on various forms of clip or nail accessories to hang the trellising wire.

Allied’s Solution:
This is where years of making steel tubing and in-line coating expertise comes in. The Allied team designed a 1 1/2″ 16 gauge, galvanized, square tube with engineered notches along two sides of the tube.

The Benefits:

  • Square shape is able to drive into tough soil conditions
  • Triple layer coating protects the steel from chemicals
  • Strength to withstand strong winds
  • Engineered notches hold and move trellising wires
  • Easier to transport near the installer; safer to unbundle
  • Steel tubing will last for years, reducing stake turnover
  • Steel is 100% recyclable

Allied Tube & Conduit also fabricates to customer specifications providing endless possibilities.

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For orders and information: call 800-882-5543 x1682 or email us at [email protected]

*Patent Pending

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