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Afternoon Brief, Oct. 29

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World’s Vineyard Shrinks But Production Shows Rise
New statistics show consumption is stabilizing. The worlds vineyard area has shrunk by 3,000 square kilometers (1,158 square miles) since 2006, yet seven years later there is still just as much wine being made…

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A global wine shortage could soon be upon us
It isnt only France thats suffering from a growing dearth of wineits the entire world, says a report released on Monday (Oct. 28) by Morgan Stanley Research. And the shortage is only getting worse…

AB 1128: Veto of the “Serve a Minor” Felony Penalty Bill, or How to Lose a Winery in One Sale
On May 20th we wrote a blog on the dangerous nature of AB 1128, which would have elevated the penalty for furnishing alcohol to a minor from a misdemeanor to a felony. This was one of the most pernicious anti-alcoholic beverage industry (and anti-parent) bills in the history of California…

Acucote introduces wine label product line
Offering more than 25 material constructions, customers can select from a variety of facestocks to fulfill application requirements. This line includes textured, embossed, pearlescent, gloss and natural finish stocks; several are treated for wet strength performance…

B.C. vintners show strong sales growth

Wine innovation award for TracMap

NZ wine exports on rise after record harvest

Virginia’s wine industry is growing

Chile Steps Up Clonal Focus

Chinas Rush For Downtown Abbey Wines


Cakebread Cellars Announces Gary Pruitt, New Board Director

Featured Winemaker: Ridge Vineyards’ Paul Draper

Behind The Wine Curtain: The Real Life of a Somm is Sometimes More Grind Than Glamour

Kayla Walters joins ACI Cork USA as Customer Relations Specialist

Edina Native Heads Up Big Sonoma Winery

Patrick Langguth Promoted to Head of International Sales Department at Langguth Erben

Featured Winemaker: Justin Smith of Saxum

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Merlot, The Pit Bull of American Wines

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