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Ranch Systems Introduces RS300 Wireless Telemetry Unit: Lower Cost, Next Generation “Universal” Node

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ranchsystemsNovato, CA – Ranch Systems, a leading provider of monitoring and control solutions for growers, is now shipping its next generation of wireless telemetry unit worldwide. The RS300 core product is available for under $1,000 US and can be configured for a wide range of agricultural applications, including: weather and climate monitoring, soil moisture tracking, tank and pond monitoring, remote camera surveillance as well as irrigation valve, pump and engine control.

The advanced RS300 is classed as a “universal” telemetry node because it can be configured and expanded as needed to meet the current and future requirements of the application. It combines data logging with radio telemetry in a rugged outdoors enclosure integrated with solar panel and battery. The RS300 offers a range of cellular and WiFi radio options for communication to Ranch Systems Internet server as well as various local area radio systems. The basic unit has 1 dual input port, two high-speed serial ports and 4MB of data memory. Two expansion slots allow addition of up to 8 outputs/valve controls or 8 additional sensor inputs, or a mix of those. Nodes with local radio modems require the presence on-site of at least one RM210 base station for coordination of all data back and forth to the RanchMaster online software application. Models with cellular or WiFi modems communicate directly to the Ranch Systems server. Local radio nodes have a range of ¼ to 10 miles to reach the nearest RM210, depending on terrain, radio type and antenna gain, but intermediary nodes can act as repeaters for outer nodes, forming a “mesh” style network. RS300 firmware supports the “plug and play” integration of a wide range of weather and soil moisture sensors.

”The RS300 not only provides growers with a telemetry unit that can be configured to their current requirements, but be expanded or repurposed as their needs change in the future.” declares Jacob Christfort, Founder and President of Ranch Systems. “It is more cost effective, more flexible and easier to integrate than any other unit of its kind, keeping Ranch Systems at the forefront of wireless telemetry technology.” Thomas Christfort, General Manager of Ranch Systems Europe, adds “The RS300 is the ideal platform to meet the many and varied requirements found across Europe as well as other parts of the world.

Ranch Systems is a fast-growing, technology company focused on wireless solutions for field monitoring and control in agricultural and environmental applications. Its patented technology is unique in terms of its modularity and the breadth of solutions possible: from a single weather station to sophisticated meshed networks monitoring and controlling the entire growing and irrigation operation, including options like remote camera surveillance and property access control. Ranch Systems is an established leader in the California market and is currently expanding world-wide.

For more information, contact Mike Bauer at 415-827-7880 or visit www.ranchsystems.com.

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