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Spotlight: Randox Food Diagnostics


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Spotlight: Randox Food Diagnostics
Spotlight: Randox Food Diagnostics

With 30 years of experience in diagnostics, and a devoted research & development team, you’d expect Randox Food Diagnostics to have nothing but the most innovative wine testing kits and analyzers worldwide.

Effortless and Accurate Wine Testing

Randox Food Diagnostics are now offering the RX Monza starter package for wine, beverage and fermentation industries. The RX Monza is a compact semi-automated analyzer for use in testing wine, tea, coffee, cider, grapes and fruit juices. It is ideally suited for first time testing in the wine and beverage industry. Performing tests is easy and straightforward with simple procedures and onboard step by step instructions, making this high performance analyzer suited to any levels of experience or expertise.

According to Marketing Executive Susan Draine, “The RX Monza analyzer offers an extensive range of tests available to the food, wine, veterinary and clinical chemistry markets. These Starter packages come complete with everything you need, which reduces costs for the customer. Current tests offered include Ammonia, Ethanol, Lactic Acid, Potassium, Acetic Acid, Glucose / Fructose, Malic Acid and Total Antioxidant Status and Copper. They have a range of tests currently in development including Citric Acid, Tartaric Acid, NOPA, Iron, Free + Total S02.”

The RX Monza is ideally placed as an independent stand alone bench top analyzer with extensive quality control functions and high performance characteristics or as a back-up system in larger testing facilities. The starter package offered by Randox Food Diagnostics includes the RX Monza analyzer and service kit along with the RX Monza incubator, free test kit of choice, training and installation, pipettes, pipette tips, cuvettes and open channeled system. It’s also compatible to non Randox kits.

Regional Food and Wine Sales Executive USA Krista Kelly says, “The starter package was developed to specifically reduce costs and provide a smooth transition for wineries bringing enzymatic testing in-house. Quality has never been more important and having the ability to easily and efficiently test wines throughout the production process is a must. The RX Monza makes that possible and is changing the way winemakers are gathering information and ultimately… the quality of the wines they produce.”

Contact Information

For information and ordering, contact:
Randox Food Diagnostics
515 Industrial Blvd, Bardane Industrial Park
Kearneysville WV, 25430
United States
+44 (0) 28 9442 2413
or send an email to [email protected]

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