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It’s Almost Trade Show Season

Elizabeth Slater- Founder & Vice President of WIN

It’s almost trade show season. I say almost because even though it is only November and the first trade show doesn’t happen until January of next year, we all know how time flies… and no time flies faster than between now and the holidays! In addition to the large regional shows: Unified, the Midwest Wine & Grape Conference, and Wineries Unlimited, there are also many conferences happening in individual states.

As Louis Pasteur said, “Chance favors the prepared mind”… clever fellow was Louis. It’s not too early to start preparing for the upcoming conference/trade shows.  Trust me, there is plenty of prep work to do no matter which side of the booth you’re on.

For wineries, take a look at the conference schedule and pick out the sessions that will give you the information you need the most. After you have honed in on the sessions, take a look at the exhibitor list and prioritize the “have to visit” booths and the “want to visit” booths. Plan enough time to walk the whole show.  You never know what’s out there that will make your job easier or your business more successful.  And of course, be sure and stop by the WIN booth to visit our team, we will be at all three shows.

If you’re going to be at the Midwest Conference or Wineries Unlimited, definitely don’t miss the full day Tasting Room Profitability/Wine Club Summit and kick your direct-to-consumer sales and service into high gear. Admittedly I am biased about these sessions as I am going to be participating, but I am confident that they are going to be great!

Finally, don’t forget to save some time for networking.  Not only is it beneficial, it’s lots of fun too!  Talk to people from different countries and from different parts of the county. A new perspective might trigger a new idea for your business.

The best thing about the conferences and trade shows…there is always something to learn and sometimes it’s in the place you least expect it.  See you there!



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