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Online Network Unites Wine Industry Suppliers


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Thick, heavy directories were once a mainstay for B-to-B marketers trying to reach peers and prospects within their sector. They all had at least one such well-worn book on their desks.

The winery and vineyard business in the United States—going back well more than 100 years in many regions—is no exception. It’s a business organized around small, geographic pockets, which puts a heavy marketing burden on the suppliers who are trying to sell equipment and professional services to those firms.

The best way to reach such a diverse audience today, of course, isn’t with a tome that becomes outdated even before the ink dries but rather online.

The Wine Industry Network (WIN) is an online marketplace that launched last October to help foster a sense of community in the industry. “In the old print directories, there just wasn’t enough information to make an informed buying decision,” says George Christie, a long-time wine industry marketer who founded the site. “Now, they can have the whole market in front of them in one place.” … To read the entire article click here

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