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Afternoon Brief, July 22

The Wine Industry May Not Be at the Conventions, but It's Watching: Presidential candidates used to be able to win their party's nomination by courting bigwigs over drinks at the bar outside the convention hall...

Afternoon Brief, July 13

On-Premise Beverage Alcohol Consumption Continues to Decline: The on-premise beverage alcohol market was unable to capitalize on an improving economy, as consumption decreased for the third consecutive year...

Afternoon Brief, July 6

El Niño or La Niña: California Unprepared for Both: With El Niño we were told California's drought would be washed away. That didn't happen...

Afternoon Brief, June 28

New Groundwater Found Deep Under Central Valley: The Central Valley is home to California's productive farming belt, but the regions groundwater is so severely overdrafted in some places that the land has been sinking...
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