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Afternoon Brief, August 26th

Sustainable Packaging for a More Wholistic Wine Business: Eco-friendly packaging engages consumers, improves brand image, and is simply better for the environment. WIA feature by Barbara Barrielle, with insights from Fetzer Vineyards...

Winesecrets & Napa Wine Co. Announce Availability of Artisan Scale Flash Détente...

Oakville, CA - August 25, 2021 -  American Winesecrets, LLC. (Winesecrets), North  America’s wine taint mitigation expert has once again partnered with Napa Wine...

Winesecrets Offers Vira-Proof, Specialty Sanitation Product

Sebastopol, CA-March 24, 2020 - American Winesecrets, LLC. (Winesecrets), North America’s leading wine filtration company, is now offering an additional grade of wine-harvested hi-proof...

Afternoon Brief, September 25

The Mysterious and Not Fully Understandable Wine Defect Popping Up in Natural Wines: Mouse - You can't smell it. At first, you can't taste it. But once you do, you'll wish you'd never opened the bottle. It's a stealthy little pest known as mouse, or mousiness, an off-flavor that can infect wines ...

Afternoon Brief, September 24

For California Wineries During Harvest, PG&E Power Outages Could Be Disastrous - Jon Phillips, a Santa Rosa winemaker, walked into his local hardware store in search of a generator only to learn another customer had walked out with the last one ...

New Technology and Products from Winesecrets

Winesecrets' top priorities based on your feedback in 2019 will be the highlight of our booth. Smoke Taint treatment both in full scale as...

Afternoon Brief, November 20

Feds Shut Down Controversial Elouan Wine Labels: California winery Copper Cane has been ordered by the federal government to change the labels on its Elouan wines, which are made in California but labeled as Oregon wines and sold as such by retailers.

Winesecrets Featuring Three New Products and Service

Visit Winesecrets at WIN Expo to learn more about their newest products and services: Smoke Taint Removal Method Development: The latest technical information available suggests...

Afternoon Brief, April 11

Vision and Robots Team Up for Wine Production: Robots and robotic-based vision systems are slowly replacing the tedious, time-consuming tasks involved in wine production...

Afternoon Brief, November 11

California's Wine Industry Heading for a Fall? The decline in Bordeaux prices means many Californian wines are now at a premium, but how much longer can that last?

Afternoon Brief, March 17

Napa Winery Owner Involved in Suspected Murder-Suicide: A Napa Valley vineyard became a crime scene on Monday, as a business meeting ended with two men dead in an apparent murder-suicide over a loan gone bad...

Afternoon Brief, October 15

Winning in U.S. wine: Pricing to maximize profit, avoid brand equity erosion: The price of a bottle of wine has a critical impact on the positioning and profitability of a wine brand but marketers are often unsure when they should tweak price to optimize profit...

Afternoon Brief, October 1

America's Thirst for Wine Insatiable, Despite Rise of Cocktails, Craft Beer: Wine industry executives are worried about the growing interest in craft beer and spirits from America's 20- and 30-somethings...

New Intermodal Rapid Response Storage Tanks from Winesecrets

Winesecrets’ newest service brings mobile wine storage to your door! Harvest time presents numerous challenges beyond the logistics of picking, shipping, crushing, etc. One...

Afternoon Brief, September 11

Honore Comfort, Sonoma County Vintners group chief to step down: The top official with Sonoma County Vintners, the major advocacy and promotional trade group for the countys wineries, announced Wednesday she will leave the organization after almost nine years on the job...
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