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Afternoon Brief, May 26

Scientists Now Predicting Near 100% Chance Of Strong El Nino, But Rainfall Isn't Always Guaranteed: Climate experts say El Nino is growing stronger and could bring drought-busting wet weather to California this year. While the ocean condition is nearly guaranteed, rainfall doesnt always follow the sea temperature increase...

Afternoon Brief, December 18

Scarcity Sends California Vineyard Prices Soaring: A local real estate expert says the price per acre in Napa could reach Burgundy levels within a generation. Napa Valley will see vineyards sell for $1 million per acre in the next 30 years, a local expert predicts...

Afternoon Brief, December 15

Wine Country vintners turn to truffles: On the edge of his Sonoma vineyard aptly named Scintilla, vintner Robert Sinskey has yanked out grapevines to make room for a few hundred oak and filbert trees. Its all part of a daring venture that may come to fruition or folly as early as next winter...

Afternoon Brief, November 4

Google chief, social media gives wine the chance to shine: Social media platforms like YouTube give the wine industry the chance to connect directly with consumers in a way traditional media channels such as TV and newspapers have always denied them, according to Google's Hamish Nicklin...

Afternoon Brief, May 29

Viniflora NoVa Removes the Need for Sulfites in Winemaking: Chr. Hansen claims its new wine culture is a fantastic launch that will greatly increase the speed and predictability of malolactic fermentation and remove the need for producers to use sulfites as preservatives...

Afternoon Brief, May 28

Vintage Wine Estates Announces Acquisition of Canopy Management Wine Company: Canopy Management, founded by industry veterans Terry Wheatley and Brian Wurtz in 2008, produces a portfolio of popular, award-winning, nationally distributed wines...
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