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Afternoon Brief, December 16

Premier Crude – Blackmail, Sex and Fraud: Here's a judicial irony. John Fox, 66, who pled guilty in August to defrauding his wine customers at Berkeley's bankrupt Premier Cru of $45 million, got a shorter prison sentence because he paid for sex...

Afternoon Brief, December 6

North Coast Vineyard Values Will Grow, Just Not as Fast: California agricultural land values have enjoyed an impressive run in recent years. Due to limited supply and increasing global demand for specialty crops, this trend is likely to continue in the long term...

Afternoon Brief, July 22

Grape Harvest Off to an Early Start in Napa Valley: George Sanchez said he's been harvesting grapes for 40 years. On Wednesday, his seasonal ritual began earlier than ever in a Napa Valley vineyard soaked in a morning glow...
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