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Afternoon Brief, July 10

UC Researchers Probe Mystery Vine Collapse: A team of researchers, headed by plant pathologists from University of California, Davis, is responding to a growing concern over a malady known simply as mysterious vine collapse...

Afternoon Brief, June 12

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Lead Flips to 'No' in Napa’s Measure C Close Election on Oaks and Vineyards After an early lead...

Warren Winiarski Funds UC Davis Wine Writer Collections

Hugh Johnson & Jancis Robinson papers provide foundation for world’s greatest wine writer collection Napa, Calif., Tuesday, February 14, 2017—The UC Davis Library welcomes renowned...

Afternoon Brief, July 26

Winemakers’ Push for Stricter Label Rules Fraught with Unintended Consequences: A federal proposal that California winemakers and legislators hope will tighten labeling rules for wine in the state also will have unintended consequences, a law professor said during a recent interview...

Afternoon Brief, July 11

Sonoma County Winery Development at Issue in Debate About Events: Sonoma County has approved more than 300 new wineries and tasting rooms in the past 16 years - a nearly 360 percent increase over the previous three decades - and many of those wineries have decided in recent years to boost business by offering an array of events, from wine-tasting dinners to weddings and harvest parties...
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