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Afternoon Brief, February 4

Should You Ignore What Your Customers Want? The Great Winemakers Do: Among French wines, Château Pétrus is legendary. Consumers pay over $1,000 for a single bottle. Talking with Christian Moueix, the owner and long-time winemaker of Pétrus, Kellogg's Gregory Carpenter asked an innocent question: When crafting a wine, how do you think about the consumer?

Afternoon Brief, March 17

ProWein 2016 Reveals Insightful Consumer Trends and Racks Record-Breaking Visitors: ProWein, one of the world's biggest annual wine trade events held in Düsseldorf, Germany, attracted more than 55,000 visitors from 126 countries, and featured 6,200 exhibitors from 59 countries-record-breaking figures for the fair...