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Predictions for Wine & Weed; Good Neighbors or Not?

As of January 1, 2018, legislation for legal recreational use of marijuana has been passed in eight states including Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Maine, Massachusetts, and California. Some of these states are also the nation’s biggest wine producers. This begs the question on whether the introduction of legal marijuana use will disrupt the traditional wine industry in a big way. It may be too young to tell just yet but there are many arguments for and against welcoming this new industry.

Charlottesville-Area Wineries Welcome Visitors in Tragedy’s Aftermath

Before August 12, the town of Charlottesville was known to many as a charming college town in northwest Virginia, surrounded by green rolling hills, lush vineyards and some of the state’s best wineries. That idyllic image changed when a white supremacist rally turned violent, resulting in the murder of one counter-protester and injuries to dozens of others.

Afternoon Brief, November 17

Treasury Wine Estates Complaint to Tmall Over 'Fake' Penfolds: Just a week since Tmall wrapped up the much-anticipated Singles Day online festival that brought in about US$18 billion for Alibaba, and the online retailer has received an official complaint from Treasury Wine Estates...

Tina Caputo Launches ‘Winemakers Drinking Beer’

Podcast series taps into winemakers’ love of craft beer WASHINGTON, D.C., November 17, 2016 — Wine writer Tina Caputo has launched a podcast series that...

Marijuana and Wine: Understanding New Competition to Build New Opportunities

The legalization of marijuana in California is a topic with polarizing effects on wine grape growers. Tina Caputo, moderator for WIN Expo’s upcoming session; Marijuana and Wine: Understanding New Competition to Build New Opportunities, believes this topic is important and pertinent to the wine industry.