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Afternoon Brief, March 23rd

Oregon’s Alcohol Producers Temporarily Stop A 3000% Tax Hike: What happens to Oregon’s alcohol taxes? That’s what the former sponsor of a spiked bill to raise taxes on alcohol by up to 3,000% wants to know before she decides whether to back any similar bills in the future...

Howell Mountain’s Summit Lake Turns 50

One of the oldest Howell Mountain producers, Summit Lake is committed to remaining a small, family operation, despite the region’s unstoppable growth. ANGWIN, CA. -...

Afternoon Brief, February 13

Napa, Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon Winegrape Pricing Pushes North Coast to New Record: While North Coast winegrape tonnage last year came in slightly below average, the value of the regions 2016 crop hit a new record of $1.45 billion, getting a big boost from double-digit price increases in cabernet sauvignon grapes from Napa and Sonoma counties, according to figures released Friday...

Summit Lake Vineyards Introduces Second Generation Winemaker

Brian Brakesman Steps in for Father, Owner Bob Brakesman ANGWIN - February 8, 2017 — After 45 years, Howell Mountain’s Summit Lake Vineyards owner Bob...