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Afternoon Brief, September 16th

Price Hikes Turn Off Wine Country Visitors: Tasting room visits to West Coast wineries, after rebounding in 2021, are way down this summer compared to pre-pandemic numbers, according to a survey of 400 wineries released last week by a company called Community Benchmark....

Afternoon Brief, September 9th

Grapes, Berries and Robots: Is Silicon Valley Coming for Farm Workers Jobs?: The global ag-tech revolution has sped up in recent years, spurring a debate on how it will affect the workforce...

Afternoon Brief, April 25

How Much Do People Spend on Alcohol?: Whether you like an occasional tipple or a have favorite go-to cocktail, there's no denying that drinking can get expensive. It may be one of the most common ways to socialize, but it can do a lot of damage to your wallet ...

Afternoon Brief, June 5

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Napa Vintners Collaborate to Raise $15.7 Million for Community at Annual Auction Napa Valley With additional contributions coming...

Afternoon Brief, April 10

We Know What We Don't Know About Wine's Future According to Lee Hannah and Terra Alpaugh, "Everything You Know About Wine is Wrong." That is the title of their Wine Economics Working Paper #204...

Afternoon Brief, January 18

Silicon Valley Bank Predicts Consumers Will Pay Slightly More for U.S. Wine in 2017: Silicon Valley Bank released its annual State of the Wine Industry Report today. The 16th annual State of the Wine Industry report combines SVBs expertise in the U.S. wine business with proprietary research to deliver forecasts and predictions for the year ahead in wine...

Afternoon Brief, January 13

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief Trending Story: Sonoma County Winegrowers Double Down on Sustainability Goal The Sonoma County Winegrowers trade group will be getting some...

Afternoon Brief, November 22

How Millennials Are Breaking Down Class Barriers Post Brexit and Trump: Food - and wine in particular - are the next industries to see similar disruption because, according to John Gillespie of the Wine Market Council, Millennials are the largest wine consuming generation...

Afternoon Brief, August 12

Wave of Mergers and Acquisitions Sweeps U.S. Wineries: Over the past several months, there's been a drumbeat of big-name mergers and acquisitions in the U.S. wine industry...

Afternoon Brief, November 5

Diageo Sells More Wine Assets and Agrees Argentinian Spirits Partnership: Diageo has sold off more of its wine assets for an amount described as "not material" after deciding earlier this year that wine was "no longer core"...

Afternoon Brief, October 29

French Wine Industry's Love Affair with Pesticides Blamed for Worker Health Problems: Wenny Tari knows a thing or two about wine. She and her husband Gabriel have been making it since 1982, when they inherited a vineyard in France's picturesque Languedoc region in the south of the country...

Afternoon Brief, September 25

Truett-Hurst Reports Sales Increase, but Trouble for New Wine Spritzer Brand: Truett-Hurst Inc. announced Thursday that it is killing off its highly touted wine spritzer brand sold exclusively in Kroger stores because of poor sales, providing another black mark for the Healdsburg vintner in a year that has been plagued by packaging problems...

Afternoon Brief, September 23

Ste. Michelle CEO: Economic Factors Key in Wine’s Pacific Northwest Migration: Washington state may be overshadowed by California's wine industry, but it is gaining prominence and will continue to do so thanks to cheap land, fewer regulations and growing recognition of the quality of the Evergreen State's varietals...

Afternoon Brief, September 22

Bill Leigon Acquires Jamieson Ranch Winery from Madison Vineyard Holdings: Bill Leigon, president of Jamieson Ranch Vineyards since February 2013, has announced his purchase of the Napa winery, finalized on September 18, 2015...

Afternoon Brief, March 3

California sues Gallo Glass for use of hazardous materials in wine bottles: According to a lawsuit filed on behalf of the Department of Toxic Substance Control, California's top prosecutor accuses the company of illegally using recycled hazardous dust laced with lead, arsenic, cadmium and selenium...
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