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Afternoon Brief, November 25

A Historic Harvest and a Changing Market: Napa's Growers Navigate Grape Glut: They're the classic drivers of any market: supply and demand. Experts say that unfavorable conditions in both have presented the region's wine industry with a grape glut - a challenge in the form of oversupply...

Afternoon Brief, July 12

How to Stop Losing Half Your New Winery Club Members in First 15 Months: Churn may make great ice cream and butter, but churn in winery club membership can sour a significant source of sales for many North Coast wineries. Yet, modern tools for digesting the increasing flow of sales and consumer data can yield greater long-term revenue, according to marketing experts...

Afternoon Brief, November 5

Diageo Sells More Wine Assets and Agrees Argentinian Spirits Partnership: Diageo has sold off more of its wine assets for an amount described as "not material" after deciding earlier this year that wine was "no longer core"...