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Afternoon Brief, March 26

New Collective Brings Applied Research, Collaboration to Winemaking Community: Winemakers have been long been among the original experimenters; that is, those willing to employ trial and error methodologies and information gleaned from other colleagues to continually improve their vintages ...

Afternoon Brief, June 18

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Examining the Fallout from Napa's Measure C The last few months were witness to a hard-fought battle between...

Afternoon Brief, October 16

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Fires Won't Destroy California Wine Industry Fires are still burning in northern California as you read this, and...

Afternoon Brief, June 22

Duckhorn Quashes Rumors of Sale to Constellation: Napa Valley's Duckhorn Wine Company has sought to tamp down talk that it's on the selling block...

Afternoon Brief, May 19

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief Trending Story: Congress Moves to Protect U.S. Wines from Canadian Tariffs Rep. Mike Conaway (R-TX), Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, has...

Afternoon Brief, May 13

Frog Eggs Help MU Researchers Find New Information on Grapevine Disease: Vitis vinifera are common grapevines and are the worlds favorite wine-producing varietal. However, research has shown that grapevines are susceptible to powdery mildew, a plant disease, which contributes to significant crop loss for most commercial wine varietals that are cultivated each year...