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Afternoon Brief, July 19

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Beckstoffer Vineyards Buys 121-Acre Vineyard in Carneros from Treasury Wine Estates Beckstoffer Vineyards has purchased a 121-acre vineyard...

Afternoon Brief, February 20

How Costco's Wine Guru Picks the 250 Labels That Will Sell $4 Billion a Year in Booze: There are almost 10,000 wineries in the United States alone, and there are 500 Costco warehouse stores in North America, with 49 million members and well over $100 billion a year in sales...

Afternoon Brief, November 14

Lawsuit over Paso Robles Vineyard Wells Reveals Growing Water Fight: A lawsuit in California's Paso Robles wine region could impact how vintners in an increasingly thirsty region get their water...

Afternoon Brief, April 15

North Coast Grape Acreage Losing Ground: Vineyard acreage declined slightly across much of the North Coast in 2015 for the second consecutive year, with dips in Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino counties offset by robust growth in Lake County, according to figures released Thursday...

Afternoon Brief, August 13

Latest Forecast Suggests 'Godzilla El Niño' May Be Coming to California: The strengthening El Niño in the Pacific Ocean has the potential to become one of the most powerful on record, as warming ocean waters surge toward the Americas, setting up a pattern that could bring once-in-a-generation storms this winter to drought-parched California...

Afternoon Brief, August 7

Riedel Legal Threat to Hosemaster No Laughing Matter: Feeling safely protected by US libel law, Ron Washam has insulted people in the wine industry for years on his Hosemaster of Wine blog

Afternoon Brief, May 1

Jackson Family Wines Collaborates with Tesla Energy to Pilot Stationary Energy Storage Systems Today Jackson Family Wines announced it has installed one of the first large-scale Tesla stationary energy storage systems across a number of its wineries...

Afternoon Brief, October 16

Drones could become familiar sight over Wine Country vineyards: The drones are expected to be more commonplace in the Napa vineyard, likely by next year if the Federal Aviation Administration approves Yamahas application to use unmanned aircraft systems for agricultural purposes...
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