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Afternoon Brief, June 24th

Climate Change Is Altering the Chemistry of Wine: Warming, wildfires and unpredictable weather threaten to disrupt the delicate processes that underlie treasured wines. Researchers and producers are innovating to keep ahead...

Sicilia DOC Consortium Announces Sommelier Contest to Raise Awareness of Sicilian...

Finalists to Fly to Sicily to Compete for the Title of “Sicilian Wine Maestro” at Taormina Gourmet New York, June 24, 2022 - Today, the...

Afternoon Brief, June 20th

Cal/OSHA Safety Board Denies Monarch Tractor Petition to Modify Regulations Regarding Autonomous Tractor Use: Current California safety regulations under the California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) written in the 1970s require a human operator to be stationed at the vehicular controls for all self-propelled tractors used in agricultural operations, thus presenting a regulatory roadblock to the use of autonomous, driver optional tractors that are being developed, marketed and trialed for use in California's vineyards and farmlands...
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