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Afternoon Brief, October 19

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: California Winery Arrives in Oregon Jackson Family Wines' expansion into Oregon worried some people in the industry, and...

Afternoon Brief, November 11

This Algorithm’s Taste in Wine Is Better Than Yours: So, you want to buy a bottle of wine. You sort of know what you like-bold reds, crisp whites-but not much more than the names of a few grapes...

Afternoon Brief, July 7

Top Somms Advice Vintners on How to Get on Their Wine Lists: Sommeliers and wine directors see and taste a lot of wines. What gets their attention? What's the best way to get attention? We asked them. They were not shy...

Afternoon Brief June 16

Is the Future Less Rosy for Rosé Wine?: Rosé has been a tremendous success story for the UK wine industry, going from zero to hero and attracting new consumers to the wine category...