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Afternoon Brief, December 17th

Wine Country Is Officially Closed for Wine Tastings Under Bay Area’s New Regional Stay-at-Home Order: After several months of back-and-forth opening and closing restrictions, Bay Area wineries were handed a clear and absolute message on Wednesday: They must all close to visitors. Most notably, the new guidelines mean that wineries in Napa County, the country’s most famous wine region, will have to shut their doors as of midnight on Thursday...

Afternoon Brief, April 16

Duckhorn Wine CEO: Planning for Luxury Market After Boomers, Coping with New Napa County Regulations: Napa Valley-based Duckhorn Wine Company makes ultrapremium and luxury brands Decoy, Duckhorn, Goldeneye, Paraduxx, Migration, Canvasback from Washington state and Calera from the California Central Coast...

Afternoon Brief, September 26

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Opus One Winery Fined for Accidental Grape Waste Discharge Opus One Winery has agreed to pay nearly $12,000...

Afternoon Brief, April 26

Napa County: Wine Business Dominates Large Real Estate Deals A number of the most significant commercial real estate deals in the county in the past 12 months have been at large industrial properties...

Afternoon Brief, March 8

California's Trailblazing Women Winemakers: The First 20 Years (1965 to 1984): Women and men alike have long been involved in the production of wine in California, but historically few women were known as winemakers. In 2012, when we began our project on California Women Winemakers, a key goal was to identify the state's women winemakers and illuminate their contributions to the wine industry...

Afternoon Brief, December 13

UV Light Box Offers Hope for Vegan Wine Lovers, Says Winemaker: A Swiss company claims to be offering winemakers a new weapon against harsh tannins and underripe wines. Some winemakers also believe that the firm's namesake gadget, Vino Flux, could make it easier to produce vegan wines...

Afternoon Brief, September 7

Winery Worker, Napa Resident Killed on the Job: A Napa winery employee was pronounced dead on the scene by paramedics after a stack of metal wine barrel racks fell on him, according to the Napa County Sheriff's Office...

Afternoon Brief, August 30

How Big Alcohol Is About to Get Rich Off California Weed: With recreational marijuana on the ballot, some worry that big business will transform the way pot is grown, distributed and sold...

Afternoon Brief, August 18

California Eradicates the European Grapevine Moth: In what's being heralded a "success story," California is officially eradicated of the European grapevine moth...

Afternoon Brief, August 1

Unfair Competition in the Wine Industry: California counties are increasingly using California's Unfair Competition Law to bring government enforcement actions against local businesses for myriad reasons...
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