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Afternoon Brief, June 25

Bordeaux vs. Napa: What Is the Best Wine Region in the World? : In 1976, the Judgment of Paris shocked the wine world. In a blind tasting, an all-French panel of experts rated a California Cabernet above four top Bordeaux, elevating Napa from backwater to world class. We've created a rematch of sorts to see how these legendary regions stack up against each other now...

Afternoon Brief, May 4

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Strained Relations – Wine Family Feuds One of the most agonizing experiences that any business faces is surely...

Afternoon Brief, April 24

Value Wins at Sonoma Wine Auction Many people told me this off the record so I'm going to lead with it: the Sonoma County Barrel Auction is more fun than Premiere Napa Valley...

Afternoon Brief, April 19

California's First 'Wine & Weed Symposium' Arrives in August California has been a powerful force on the global wine scene for decades. Meanwhile, the state's never been a slouch when it comes to high quality cannabis either...