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Afternoon Brief, February 14

California Wine Exports Reach Record $1.62 Billion in 2016: U.S. wine exports, 90% from California, reached $1.62 billion in winery revenues in 2016, a new record. Despite challenges from a strong dollar, winery revenues were up 1% from 2015. Volume was 412.7 million liters or 45.9 million cases…

Afternoon Brief, November 22

How Millennials Are Breaking Down Class Barriers Post Brexit and Trump: Food - and wine in particular - are the next industries to see similar disruption because, according to John Gillespie of the Wine Market Council, Millennials are the largest wine consuming generation...

Afternoon Brief, November 7

Settlement Expected in Case Alleging Men Hired Prostitutes for Cruise Aboard USS Alpha Omega: A former Napa Valley winery employee alleges that in August 2015 she was assigned to work on a company yacht where men had sex with call girls while the group cruised the San Francisco Bay, according to court records...

Afternoon Brief, June 9

Drought Causes California Water Rights to be Curtailed: With California's extreme drought resulting in insufficient water to serve all water-rights holders, the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) announced June 6 that junior water-rights holders in the San Joaquin River watershed are receiving curtailment notices...

Afternoon Brief, April 9

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief Trending Story: Treasury Wine Estates boss Michael Clarke urges Prime Minister Tony Abbott on wine FTAs in Australia The new boss of...

Afternoon Brief, Jan. 21

Trending Story: 100% Cork Launches Campaign to Help Wineries Gain Market Share with the Use of Cork 100% Cork, the movement to educate wine drinkers and...