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Afternoon Brief, April 24th

Is the Industry Ready for CBD Wine?: CBD wine, which combines the properties of CBD with traditional wine, has been forecast to see “explosive growth” in the next few years...

Afternoon Brief, February 20th

Grape Growers Being Paid 1970s Rates Say They Are at Breaking Point in Australia’s Largest Wine Region: Farmers in Australia's biggest wine grape growing region are preparing for crisis talks as prices plummet to early 1970s rates...

Afternoon Brief, November 20th

Extreme Weather and Falling Demand Are Pushing Wineries into the Red: High input costs and declining consumption are adding to the woes of small, independent wineries...

Afternoon Brief, August 4th

Rising Temperatures Could Impact Quality of Grapes Used to Make Wine in Napa Valley, Researchers Say: Rising temperatures are shifting the growing season in Napa Valley’s wine country, which could impact grape growth and alter the types of wine that originate from the region, according to new research and wine experts...

Afternoon Brief, July 31st

DTC Market Trends Toward a Re-Balanced Standard: The direct-to-consumer wine market is still trying to figure out what the new normal looks like. Is it the pandemic’s hyper growth? Is it the pre-pandemic’s pretty good growth? Or is it something else entirely?

Afternoon Brief, July 12th

Growing Cover Crops Under Vineyard Vines Is a Sustainability Strategy: Practice can cut herbicide use, reduce labor and provide ecosystem services for grape production...

Afternoon Brief, March 22nd

Big Rig Spills 10,000 Empty Wine Bottles Onto Highway 101 Near Healdsburg: A big rig flipped over on Highway 101 near Healdsburg Monday spilling 10,000 empty wine bottles onto the roadway, the California Highway Patrol said. No one was hurt in the crash....

Rack & Riddle Expands Sparkling Capabilities with Charmat Facility

Bringing Cutting-Edge Technology and Services to Clients Healdsburg, CA (March 22, 2023) — Rack & Riddle Custom Wine Services (R&R) is excited to announce today that...

Afternoon Brief, January 19th

Silicon Valley Bank Releases Annual State of the US Wine Industry Report: The 22nd edition of the annual report provides an assessment of the industry amid current market conditions and shares a unique forecast for the year ahead based on proprietary research and economic and behavioral trends among consumers...

Sample Private Label Sparkling Wine & Learn About Custom Wine Services

Visit & taste with Rack & Riddle Custom Wine Services at Booth 543 at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium. Sample our Private Label Sparkling...

Demystifying Oenodia STARS® Technology

Insight into an Innovative & Sustainable Winemaking Solution As the temperatures in many winemaking regions continue to rise, both the wine’s pH and the increase in...

Learn About Custom Wine Services and Sip Sparkling Wine

  Visit Booth B922 to taste sample of Rack & Riddle's private label sparkling wine and learn about our full range of custom wine services...

Afternoon Brief, July 11

Hybrid grapes don't get much love. France bans them in classified wines, except for Baco Noir in Armagnac distillation. Austria permits their use in the making and selling Uhudler wines in Sudburgenland but affords them the lowest labeling standard - Wein (formerly Tafelwein). In the United States, despite all the cold winters these grapes hardily endure, they dont always receive the warmest welcome among wine buyers...

Observations From a Large Custom Crush Winery: Early Harvest and Low...

By Penny Gadd-Coster With the sparkling winegrape harvest finished over a month ago, and the still varietals also winding down, it’s time to reflect on...

Afternoon Brief, September 21

Wine & Spirits Magazine Announces Top 100 Wineries of 2015: Wine & Spirits Magazine has announced the Top 100 Wineries of 2015, producers from around the world that earned the magazines highest ratings across a range of their wines...