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The Cognac Classic Crawl Shakes Up Boston and Portland in October

Top Bars Offer Classic Cocktails Featuring the Spirit That Started It All: Cognac The Cognac Geographical Indication brings its third-annual Cognac Classic Crawl to Boston,...

Afternoon Brief, January 10

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Wine’s Most Inspiring People 2018: Defender of the Consumer Palate and Your Right to Choose Tim Hanni, one...

Afternoon Brief, November 17

Treasury Wine Estates Complaint to Tmall Over 'Fake' Penfolds: Just a week since Tmall wrapped up the much-anticipated Singles Day online festival that brought in about US$18 billion for Alibaba, and the online retailer has received an official complaint from Treasury Wine Estates...

Afternoon Brief, November 9

What a Trump Presidency Might Mean for Wine: Donald Trump's victory in the US presidential election is the second time this year that markets and political pundits have been caught out...

Afternoon Brief June 15

Her Side of the Story: Notes from Women Winemakers of Napa: Having many years in the wine industry, and settled into their high-profile work in the Napa Valley, these women comment on being a woman in the industry, and why gender isn't the defining factor...

Afternoon Brief May 18

Boxed Wine Aims for the Next Level: Higher-end boxed wines continue to thrive, led by Black Box and Bota Box, which dominate the premium side of the business ...

Afternoon Brief, October 20

Uncorking the Chemical Potential of Wine Waste: Italian scientists have devised an innovative and economically feasible biorefinery that can squeeze more chemicals out of the mountains of grape waste produced during wine production...

Afternoon Brief, July 31

Drought fails to dampen California spirits for 2014 harvest: Many winemakers in California believe the state's drought will not drastically affect this year's harvest, which they say is running two weeks early and is expected to yield a healthy crop...
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