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Afternoon Brief, November 11

California's Wine Industry Heading for a Fall? The decline in Bordeaux prices means many Californian wines are now at a premium, but how much longer can that last?

Afternoon Brief, October 28

Italy Reclaims Spot as World's Biggest Wine Producer From France: Italy is set to reclaim its spot as the world's biggest wine producer after output in the home of Chianti and Prosecco rebounded from last year, when rain spoiled part of the grape crop...

Afternoon Brief, March 17

Napa Winery Owner Involved in Suspected Murder-Suicide: A Napa Valley vineyard became a crime scene on Monday, as a business meeting ended with two men dead in an apparent murder-suicide over a loan gone bad...

Afternoon Brief, February 25

U.S. wine exports in 2014 second highest on record: Exports of U.S. wine last year were the second-most valuable on record, reaching $1.49 billion in revenue, nearly all of it from California...

Afternoon Brief, May 13

Frog Eggs Help MU Researchers Find New Information on Grapevine Disease: Vitis vinifera are common grapevines and are the worlds favorite wine-producing varietal. However, research has shown that grapevines are susceptible to powdery mildew, a plant disease, which contributes to significant crop loss for most commercial wine varietals that are cultivated each year...

Afternoon Brief, Oct. 30

Trending Story: “Tasting in the Dark” Sheds New Light on Unique Marketing Strategies Blind tasting is more of a figurative than literal term. It usually refers...
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