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Afternoon Brief, May 8th

Willamette Valley Wineries Hire Fire Litigation Lawyers to Investigate Suing Pacific Power for Grape and Wine Losses Arising from the 2020 Labor Day Fires: Today Willamette Valley Vineyards, Brigadoon Wine Co., Samuel Robert Winery, Retraite, LLC (fka Lingua Franca – LS Vineyards Holdings, LLC), and Elk Cove Vineyards Inc. announced they have hired a well-known legal team to investigate filing suit against Pacific Power, a division of PacifiCorp, in the Oregon state circuit courts...

Afternoon Brief, May 1st

Abrupt Closure of San Francisco Wine Startup Leaves Customers with Thousands of Bottles Stuck in ‘CloudCellar’: The offer was enticing: Pay $25 for a bottle of wine, and you might get upgraded to a bottle worth $100 or more. Better yet, the San Francisco tech company Underground Cellar promised: It would store your wine purchases — up to 500 bottles — for free in a “CloudCellar,” then ship them to you whenever you wanted...

Afternoon Brief, April 17th

Oregon State Researchers Make Breakthrough in Understanding the Chemistry of Wildfire Smoke in Wine: Oregon State University researchers have discovered a new class of compounds that contributes to the ashy or smoky flavors in wine made with grapes exposed to wildfire smoke...

Afternoon Brief, April 4th

A Forgotten Corner of Napa Could Become an Official Wine Region Soon: For the first time in more than a decade, Napa Valley could soon define a new official sub-region for wine...

Afternoon Brief, March 2nd

Angelo Sangiacomo, Pioneering Sonoma Winegrower, Dies at 92: Angelo Clement Sangiacomo, a pioneering winegrower who helped revolutionize California grapegrowing and a founding partner of Sangiacomo Family Vineyards, a third generation family business in Sonoma, Calif., has died on Monday, February 27, 2023. He passed away peacefully at his home at the age of 92 years old...

Afternoon Brief, January 23rd

Selling a Younger Generation on Wine: The wine industry is failing to engage younger consumers, but what can it do to change that?...

Afternoon Brief, January 18th

SVB Report: 2023 Challenges Include Consumer Drop-Off and Rising Prices: This year’s Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) state of the wine industry report, released earlier today, pulls no punches...

Afternoon Brief, January 10th

SCOTUS Backs Down from Another Wine Case: The US Supreme Court has again declined to hear a case pivotal to fixing the country's confusing wine shipping laws...

Afternoon Brief, December 5th

Herbicide the Star of New Napa Movie: Documentary filmmaker Brian Lilla says he moved from Oakland, California to Napa to get away from gun violence, because he and his wife wanted to have kids. Once there, he discovered grapegrowers spraying Roundup on their vines and it disturbed him enough to make a movie about it...

Afternoon Brief, October 27th

Napa County Sues Hoopes Vineyard Winery: Napa County is suing Hoopes Vineyard winery for allegedly breaking wine country rules over visitation and similar activities...

Afternoon Brief, September 26th

Red Blotch Virus Detected for First Time in Australia in Wine Grape Collections: A grape disease that hasn't been found in Australia before has been identified in three separate states...

Afternoon Brief, September 16th

Price Hikes Turn Off Wine Country Visitors: Tasting room visits to West Coast wineries, after rebounding in 2021, are way down this summer compared to pre-pandemic numbers, according to a survey of 400 wineries released last week by a company called Community Benchmark....

Afternoon Brief, September 9th

Grapes, Berries and Robots: Is Silicon Valley Coming for Farm Workers Jobs?: The global ag-tech revolution has sped up in recent years, spurring a debate on how it will affect the workforce...

Afternoon Brief, September 6th

Liquor Raids Lead to Scores of Arrests: Liquor authorities in North Carolina carried out a series of raids that have raised concerns among retailers…

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