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Afternoon Brief, October 28

How bad is the California drought?: Across California, from the manicured lawns of Beverly Hills to sun-baked farmers' fields, they are praying for rain this winter. But "El Nino," the weather phenomenon which sometimes brings storms, will be "weak" and "offer little help" to the desperately parched state...

Afternoon Brief, June 19

Economics driving California wineries to Pacific NorthWest: Speculation creeps into the conversation every time a large California winery snaps up a smaller operation and sets up shop in Oregon or Washington: The big outfits figure climate change eventually will make California too hot and dry to grow premium wine grapes, so they are moving to better conditions in the Pacific Northwest...

Ornellaia, through Sotheby’s, attracts 126,500 Canadian Dollars

Proceeds for unique bottles created by Rodney Graham for “L’Infinito” vintage 2011, all donated to the Art Gallery of Ontario in Canada Toronto, 12 June...